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AMM Seed Testing, Inc. is a commercial seed testing laboratory that has been serving the seed industry since 1955.  Our specialties include viability, purity, vigor, and TZ tests, for vegetables, flowers, herbs, and assorted agricultural crops.







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Society of Commercial Seed
Technologists (SCST)


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International Seed Testing Association (ISTA)



CA Seed Association



Pacific Seed Association


Services Provided

Germination Test, Viability

The laboratory germination test determines the germination potential of a seed…

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Purity Test, Noxious Weed Examination

The purity test is a visual examination of a seed sample for…

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Seed Dormancy

In some cases, viable seeds will not germinate when…

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TZ (Tetrazolium) Test

The TZ test is a biochemical test which quickly assesses the viability…

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Emergence Count

The emergence count is an assessment of seeds which…

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Vigor Tests

While standard germination testing determines the maximum germination potential…

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Moisture Test

The moisture test determines seed moisture content. Seed moisture…

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Seed Count

A seed count calculates the approximate number of seeds…

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Pre-Mill Germination Test

The pre-mill germination test is conducted on seed that…

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