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Submitting Your Seed Samples

Please include:

  • Carefully packaged and clearly labeled seed sample packets with all pertinent information, such as kind of seed, variety, lot number, and any other information that should appear on the final report of analysis.
  • Instructions for which tests you require, as well as any special instructions or requests.
  • Samples submitted for germination testing should contain a minimum of 1000 seeds.
  • Samples submitted for purity testing must contain the minimum amount* required for the bulk examination for that kind.
  • Treated samples must be labeled: ‘Treated‘ or ‘TRT‘. Additional charges will be applied to treated samples that require special handling due to excessive treatment or poor packaging.


*Sample sizes for purity tests available upon request.


Tests can only reflect the quality of the submitted sample – Sample Carefully.


Test results are reported as soon as they are available via email as pdf files.  Hard copy or fax reports are available upon request.


Send seed samples to:

AMM Seed Testing, Inc. 2064 Alameda Padre Serra, suite 110, Santa Barbara CA 93103

We appreciate prior notification for large shipments of samples. This will aid us in scheduling the testing accordingly.

New Customers

There is no need to set up an account with us prior to sending seed samples for testing. Just send the samples and we will set up an account for your company upon receipt.  Please be sure to include all information as specified under the ‘Submitting Seed Samples’ section.

Please include all contact information for receiving test results, as well as phone and fax numbers. Also, it is always helpful to have the names of people for us to contact in case of questions or any issues with your samples or tests.